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If you are a commercial business owner in Charlotte , you know that being able to open on time and service your customers is absolutely essential to your success.  The fact is, however, that your business is just as susceptible to problems with your commercial lock as your home.

Whether the lock is malfunctioning, or you simply misplaced your keys, you can’t just wait around for hours to figure out a way to open the doors and assist your customers.  That is why you need a good commercial locksmith Charlotte NC to help you right away, and that is where we can help.

Charlotte Locksmith Local has been helping commercial establishments throughout the area for over 20 years, and we can help you with any type of commercial key issues as well.  Our fully mobile service can respond to your call quickly, and be to your door faster than you might expect.  All of our highly trained commercial locksmiths will come with the proper tools to assist get into your business safely, and without damaging your door.

Types of Locks

commercial lockmithsIn generations past, when someone said that they were having a problem with their lock, we knew that they meant the device that they put their key in and turn.  Today, however, there are many different types on the market, and each one requires special tools and equipment to open.

Of course, these different types of commercial locks also require specific training and education from the locksmith in order to safely open them.  We work hard at staying up to date with all the advancements in the locksmith industry, so we can help you when you’re in need.

We are able to open virtually any lock you can imagine. Some of the them that Commercial Locksmith Charlotte NC frequently helps our customers with include the following:

  • Commercial Push Button Lock – Many locks today require that you push specific buttons in a specific order in order to unlock the door.  These operate much differently than the traditional key based lock.  We at Charlotte Locksmith have been working with push button style locks for many years now, and will be able to quickly get your doors unlocked so you can get back to business.
  • High Security Lock – More and more businesses today are taking extra precautions to keep their companies safe, and one way they are doing that is by installing high security.  These commercial locks are far more complicated, and provide added protection compared with other hardware on the market.  While these are great for security, they also provide a difficult challenge for many commercial locksmiths. Fortunately, we have been trained on all different types of commercial hardware, including those that offer extra security like this.  We will be happy to come help provide you access to your building when something goes wrong with one of these locks.
  • Commercial Mailbox Lock – In most cases a mailbox lock is a fairly simple device that provides basic protection to your mailbox.  Even if these aren’t complex, they can still have a wide range of problems which we can help fix.  In addition, businesses need to be able to get their mail right away in most cases, so give us a call and we can get you back in your mailbox and fix any problems this lock may be having.
  • Traditional Lock – Of course, there is also the traditional lock and key style lock that businesses have on doors throughout their property.  We can help repair these types of hardware, or open them if you’ve misplaced the keys or are having any other types of trouble.
Emergency commercial locksmith Charlotte NC Services

We don’t just help businesses gain access to their property when they are having commercial lock problems.  We can also assist with a variety of other lock and security related issues you may be experiencing.

For example, we can help you get your locks replaced when you’re looking to upgrade.  Commercial Locksmith Charlotte NC can recommend different types of hardware based on your specific situation, and install them properly to ensure your business is kept as safe as possible.

Many businesses find that they have former employees who still have keys to the company.  Whether this was an accident, or intentional, it is important to have the locks rekeyed to ensure they don’t have access to the property.

Our commercial Charlotte locksmith can rekey your locks, and provide you with new keys to help prevent anyone from having unwanted access to your company.  We also provide emergency locksmith services to companies who need access right away, even before or after normal business hours.

No matter what types of commercial lock issues your company is having, our Charlotte locksmith is here to assist you to get through them quickly, easily and affordably.  So, if you’re Charlotte business is having any type of lock issues, or you’re looking to upgrade your physical security, make sure to give us a call first.  You’ll be glad you did.

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