Push button locks

Push Button Locks

The door lock is a marvelous marriage of complexity and simplicity; influencing not only the safety aspects of a business premise but also the convenience of door access allowed. And as more and more organizations recognize the need to restrict access in to offices and buildings in commercial premises, the push button lock is fast becoming a popular choice as the most convenient and standalone alternative to the traditional lock and key.

At Charlotte Local Locksmith, we are well aware of this development and understand just how convenient push button locks for doors can be for clients who would otherwise have to deal with countless keys. Providing ease and durability, the keypad lock is not only sturdy but offers simple access entry. To top it all off, whether you go for a mechanical push button lock or an electronic lock, the maintenance costs are quite low meaning you get to save on costs while still ensuring the safety of your business premise.May not need an emergency locksmith if you loose your key either.


4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Push Button Lock

1. Better control of access- Instead of issuing a key for every door where restricted access is required, you’ll only need a code

2. No hassle with keys- Door keys are easy to lose and get stolen often, furthermore, they are expensive to replace. However, if you do forget the lock’s code a new one will be issued at no cost.

3. Increased functionality- We offer both electronic and mechanical push button lock with top range models having additional features such as alarm and remote release functions

4. Be a part of the digital migration- it is no secret that the keypad technology has made a positive impact on the security field

Once you choose from our extensive range of mechanical and electronic keypad locks, our highly trained and qualified team of locksmiths will efficiently install and thereafter instruct you on their proper use. Expect no hidden costs, only high quality locksmith services.

Call us today and we’ll help you go keyless!

Push Button Locks