Replacement car key

How To Get A Replacement Car Key

Losing or replacing car keys is a common problem faced by many car owners. It is really frustrating when the car keys are lost or damaged, and people always wonder how to get a replacement car key. Even though there are a few options to replace the car keys, the most sought after and the best option is the locksmith because they are less expensive than dealerships. All major cities have dozens of locksmiths who are specialists in different areas.

Some professional locksmith companies like Charlotte Locksmith Local offer mobile locksmith service at an affordable price and they can help with all types of vehicles from a car to van, truck, caravan or motorcycle. While the locksmith industry is overrun with scammers who quote very low prices for replacing the car keys, but charge double or triple when they arrive, the Charlotte Locksmith Local is a reputable company with over 18 years of experience. “We need replacement car keys” is often heard by the well-trained and qualified staff at Charlotte Locksmith Local and they are ready to help day or night.

Replacement Car Keys

Car dealerships charge a lot to replace car keys, so go in for a reputable and good local locksmith to replace a lost, dead or malfunctioning car key. Generally hardware stores are not equipped to create replacement car keys; however, locksmiths usually have more sophisticated machinery and can easily make a replacement for the lost or damaged car keys. The following information may help the mobile locksmith in reaching and replacing the car keys quickly:

Type of key, whether they are standard, electronic chips, smart keys, laser-cut, switchable, or transponder keys.

Replacement car key

· Model of the car.

· Registration number of the vehicle.

· Vehicle identification number.

· Vehicle insurance information.

· Personal identification.

· Postcode of the area.


Replacement Car Key Cost


Advancements in key technology have helped to keep the vehicles safe from thieves, but the price for making replacement keys has become costlier. A standard replacement car key may cost between $85 and $150 depending on how the car key is made. A transponder key will cost around $175 and can go as high as $400 if other services are necessary. As a general rule to find an authentic locksmith ask for a price on the phone, if they are unable to give a price, find someone else who can. If the price is firm but good, then go with him.

Modern car keys are expensive to be replaced, so to save the cost have an emergency key made at Charlotte Locksmith Local. This will spare the stress and tension of an emergency situation.…