Transponder keys

Transponder keysWhy Do You Need a Locksmith to make a Transponder Keys

It is not a naive question to ask why anyone needs a locksmith.Especially to service a “bad” transponder key. To understand what a chip key (transponder key) is let’s look into its technology from a laymen’s point of view so that we know why no one, other than locksmiths, and Dealers can mess with them.

Transponder keys have built-in circuits or chips.No sooner than you insert them, they receive what are known as digitally encrypted “Radio Frequency Identification” signals.This comes from the car’s computer. The circuitry in the keys are energized only after they receive the signal as they don’t have batteries. The purpose for a cars computer to send this signal to transponder keys is to confirm whether it can respond by sending a pre-coded signal back to the computer. If it doesn’t, it means you either inserted a corrupt key.It could also mean an intruder and the car’s computer quickly activates another device called an immobilizer so, you can’t start the car.

It’s impossible for individuals to fix this scenario unless one is an expert locksmith himself. Charlotte locksmiths are trained and experienced .Some locksmiths work on these 40-bit  or 80-bit encrypted transponder keys. like they do on any lock and key and know how your car’s computer and the key communicate using a protocol they call as “challenge response authentication”.

It’s impractical to take the car to the dealer or the shop which sold you the transponder keys, whether or not it’s an urgent situation. A licensed, bonded and expert lock smith is your friend indeed in this situation to who you can turn to. Most Lock smiths can fix the issue for you by reprogramming the chip keys of your car and key. We use licensed software on our programmers so that you can use the same key all over again as if nothing had ever happened. If your keys are stolen then we can knock the old key out of the cars computer so the old keys will not work any more. If you are around Charlotte, you can have a  Licensed Charlotte locksmith help you out anytime of the day.…